Online Events August 1, 2020


Concept, design and development of a gamified platform for corporate events.


Create an event gamification platform

In the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020 we started facing a problem called “Zoom Fatigue” caused by long meetings and which, in turn, generated friction among users in order to attend new corporate events. With this in mind we developed “NVIVO”, a platform to gamify the experience of the corporate event in terms of branding, interaction and measurement. With a mixture of high performance hosting, streaming leader providers and with the creation of a series of tools to capture attention and measure the attendance of the events, we created a personalized service with an innovative proposal that has served different companies and organizations through the years.

Low-cost platform

Access to complicated and expensive features at a competitive price

An important aspect of the platform’s value proposition is that of reducing the costs of implementation of the online events and minimizing the technical issues that usually arise.

SURA Inversiones is an active client very in touch with its customers. They generate many online webinars and events, and NVIVO, with its report generation, metrics measurement and service stability, has become a reliable platform to host them.

Banco BICE and BICE Inversiones use the platform regularly for their corporate events, using features such as massive invitation mailing, data report, attendance statistics and polls.

Metro de Santiago in partnership with Mundo Producciones, created an event in which the attendees could publicly react in real time, enabling the experience to be more interactive and integrative and generating actionable data that can be used for decision making in terms of content, reach, and more.


Create a business unit focused on corporate events gamification to combat “zoom fatigue”

  • Strategy

    UI/UX, multiplatform, multiplayer, real time statistics

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