Augmented Reality Mobile WWW March 3, 2016


Concept, designed, programmed and launched an innovative product dedicated to the intersection between the world of high quality art collection and technology through the use of augmented reality. The logo was designed by CAE Gonzalez and many other amazing artists and designers worked on the illustrations over time. We published the first mobile app with Augmented Reality focused on a product, along with the website, different campaigns, presentations and art and technology related events.


Create a complete product

One of Posterity’s greatest challenge was the search for the creation of a “fine art” product in which you must take into consideration the quality and materiality of the paper, mixed with a very high printing quality. This was complemented by an augmented reality mobile app that introduced a new layer of interaction and visualization of digital art.

App designed for
iOS and Android

We developed and published a native app for iOS and Android, and with the help of Unity and Vuforia we gave life to the brand’s unique illustrations.


Creación y desarrollo de proyecto de marca pionera dedicada al arte de alta calidad de impresión con realidad aumentada.

  • Strategy

    Making and development of the brand for a pioneering project dedicated to high quality art with augmented reality

  • Design

    Logo and brand by CAE Gonzalez

  • Client


Open Project